The Ironic Paradox of Faith

I find it humorous that some people think I’m swinging from the chandeliers charismatic while others would wonder if I even believe in the gifts of the Spirit.

Some think, Brian you’re so prophetic, while many others believe I’m so pathetic. (I’m inclined to agree with them on that one.) Some people think, wow you walk in amazing faith, Brian. You have seen blind eyes open, deaf ears open, and the lame walk, not just once or twice but numerous times.

Others doubt my salvation because I don’t believe Bill Gates is the antichrist, or I hold a different political opinion, or I hold a hopeful theology that might just include a whole lot more people in God’s kingdom than people are comfortable with. And I dare believe that wearing a mask might be caring rather than walking in fear.

Others would doubt my faith because I encourage people to go to the doctor, take medicine, or even better yet, because I got the covid vaccine. Oh wait! Many of them think I’m probably not even a believer because I got the mark of the beast once I got that vaccine.

I can almost hear it. “Brian where is your faith?”

I might ask the same back. “Where is your faith?”

My faith isn’t in my ability. It’s in the matchless faithfulness of Jesus who teaches me his great faithfulness in the midst of my despair, doubt and struggles. Some might say, Brian, for a person who walks in faith, you sure struggle with a lot of doubt or questions. To that I would say, probably no more than those who would question my doubts and struggles. Maybe I’m just more honest about my doubts and struggles than they are willing to admit.

They seem to always walk on the supernatural waters of triumph, but never sink their feet into valley of the shadow of death, doubt, struggles, or suffering. Never getting their feet dirty enough for them to be washed by Jesus.

I admit I’m a believer who struggles with doubts, and yes, I have lots of questions. And yes, I even hold a theology that also embraces that I will walk through many suffering moments in my life, while at the same time I believe I will also overcome those sufferings in the faithfulness of Christ.

I’m so grateful that Jesus is my faithfulness in my doubts, struggles, and suffering and not the silly, misinformed, shaming, condemning, dogmatic perspective of others who appear to walk in more faith than even Jesus did.

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