Apple Care Representative Healed over the phone!

Today, I was calling to find out about the new iPhone 11 that is coming out and if I was eligible for a trade in / upgrade. Danisha was the Apple Care agent helping me. At the end of the call I said, “Danisha, can I ask you a question? It’s unrelated to my call. Sometimes I will get pictures or impressions that are going on in peoples lives. Are you experiencing any of the following issues – migraine headaches, a pain on the lower left side of your back, and pain in your heels? Also, I feel like you gave been experiencing an overall weakness in your body.” Then I had a sense and added, “Have you been having an issue with your right shoulder and neck? Does any of this make sense to you at all?”

I could hear Danisha gasp. “Yes,” she said. “I do! Oh my goodness, how did you know all that?” She was blown away. 

I said, “Danisha, I will tell you in just a second. I have a few more questions. What is your pain level on a 0-10 level in the areas that have pain right now?” 

Danisha said, “My heels are hurting all the time, as soon as I wake up until I go to bed. I need a special type of shoe and maybe surgery to correct the issue. It’s a 10. My lower back is a 10. They have both been hurting for over a year.” 

I said, “Are you having any migraine issues right now?” 

“No, but I have them almost every day.” 

“What about your neck and shoulder?” 

“I don’t have any issues in those two areas,” she said.

“OK, thanks for letting me know I missed it on that,” I replied. Danisha was so blown away by everything else. (That’s why it’s good to go back through each impression you had to find out what was correct and where you missed it.) 

It wasn’t even a concern to her that I missed two of the 7 words. She was blown away. Danisha said, “Nope, I don’t have problems with those two places, but I do have a horrible issue in my voice. It’s super raspy and tight. I’ve been having a hard time talking.” I wouldn’t have known by her voice because I had never spoken to her before. I just figured she had a naturally raspy tone to her voice. 

Danisha said, “It’s been messed up for 4 months. Doctors think I have a nodule or I’ve strained my voice. I’m supposed to go to a specialist to figure out what’s going on.” 

I said, “OK, Danisha, let’s take care of these issues. Here is what I’m going to do. I’m going to speak to the pain and and to the issues in your voice, and all the pain is going to go right now and your voice is going to improve.”

Then I started praying, inviting the Holy Spirit to come to bring healing. Then I spoke to all the pain and to the other issues she had been experiencing. Then I said, “Danisha what are you experiencing? Where is the pain?”

Danisha said, “Well first of all, amen! I’m a Christian, and I believe in the Holy Spirit and prayer, so amen to everything you prayed. There is absolutely no more pain in my lower back and my heels.” She said she had been in constant pain for over a year in those two areas. 

I said, “Danisha, that’s amazing about the pain. But listen to your voice. You sound different.” The raspiness was almost completely gone. She was astonished. She didn’t feel the tightness anymore, so I asked to pray again. I prayed two more times, and her voice was completely normal after four months of raspiness. She couldn’t believe it!!! 

I said, “This is crazy. I was just calling to see about getting the iPhone 11 with a trade in, and then the Holy Spirit starts speaking to me about you because Jesus loves you and cares about what’s going on in your life. And now all your pain is gone and your voice is back to normal. Come on Jesus!”

Danisha was so thrilled and amazed and said, “That’s what the Holy Spirit does. We have a good God!”

I said, “Danisha, I feel like I have a couple more impressions. Do you mind if I share them? I don’t know what all this means, but do you have a daughter?” Danisha said she did have a daughter. I asked more. “Is she around this age?” 

“Nope, a bit older.” 

“OK, I missed that part. What I saw was that she was a very creative and intelligent girl, very good in math. But she has been experiencing some struggles. I’m not sure what all this means, but I saw a tear in a relationship. Does this make any sense to you, or am I missing it?”

“Nope, you are right on. Everything you said about her was right except her age. And the tear in the relationship is with her dad.” 

“Well, let’s pray for that relationship,” I offered. I prayed for her daughter and for the healing in the relationship with her father. 

Danisha was so grateful, and we were both just amazed by the goodness of God. I said, “Danisha, I’m just a Christian like you, and this is what Christians are called to do – pray for the sick and encourage people. I’m going to pray over you, that you would be activated by the Holy Spirit. When I pray, you’re going to feel a warmth in your hands.”

As I prayed, Danisha said, “I feel like someone put something in my hands.” 

I said, “Danisha, go share your testimony of what Jesus did for you, and find someone who is sick and pray for them like I prayed for you.” 

Danisha said, “I sure will!!!”

God is always at work around you. Our job is to put Jesus on display with love and power, even when we are on the phone with an Apple Care agent.

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