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Brian's 2024 itinerary

Brian will be a speaker at Global Awakening’s Greater Things Conference.

Brian, Joanne Moody and Katherine Burnett, will be leading a trip for Global Awakening | September 19th-30th 

Global Marketplace Leaders

Do you have a desire to see your destiny fulfilled in the marketplace?  Come and join us for an action packed 10 days in beautiful South Africa where you will discover keys to leading in the marketplace, increasing your kingdom vision and deepening your connection to God’s supernatural supply.  When you join you will help minister to churches and business leaders in two major regions in South Africa.  You will see bodies healed, hearts transformed and will be a catalyst to help launch the business leaders of South Africa into greater kingdom purpose.  Along with learning from other key marketplace leaders you will be able to explore South Africa on a safari and regions such as Stellenbosch.

For more information about this trip go to Global Awakening’s website.

Brian will be leading a trip to Chile, Oct 30-Nov 11, 2024. Read details or apply here.

Here are some videos of Brian speaking

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