Please forgive me, but I have to say something

Please forgive me, but I have to say something. 

To my evangelical, charismatic, pentecostal, and third-wave believers, friends, and family— 

I’m wondering, if something different happens tomorrow, January 20th, than what some voices are saying—whether it be prophets or Q sources–how many will backpedal, or spiritualize their prophecies or Q information, or move the predicted dates and outcomes? (Oh wait! Many of them are already doing that!) 

These false prophecies are pervasive. Trump is not going to instate martial law or utilize the military to retain the presidency tomorrow. There is no secret tribunal or court ready to arrest Nancy Pelosi or Hillary Clinton in the next 24 hours. When Biden is sworn in tomorrow, it will not be a “fake inauguration.” You do not need to stock up on water, food, and meds until God dissolves the “fake corporation called the United States of America” and Trump is inaugurated in March. And you do not need to take up arms in a new American Civil War.

Trump and Melania have already sent their farewell addresses. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris will be the new president and vice-president tomorrow. This is not fake news. This is real. What some of the so-called prophets and Q have been predicting is the real fake news. With that, let’s as believers begin to pray for Biden and Harris and the welfare of our nation under their administration. Let’s put our focus back on Jesus and His kingdom.

How many of these prophets or Q teachers will actually be there in the aftermath to help pastor those who are devastated and now more confused? No, what they will do is keep moving the date and spinning their prophecies to try to make them true. I’m deeply sorry—you have been lied to.

I’m deeply saddened by what I’m seeing take place in the name of the Lord and what’s being stated as prophetic ministry. I have seen so much hate, slander, and name calling for being seen as someone who doesn’t have faith because I question or have concerns about some of the sources, which makes me all the more want to consider the sources. There is a difference between faith, fantasy, and fact.

Look at the fruit and the track record of the people making these claims. This will help you in discerning things. Some very committed followers of Jesus seem to take more stock in these other voices (prophetic voices and Q) over people that they actually know by their ministry, fruit, and track record. Strong believers, deeply intelligent people who are way smarter than me are being manipulated. 

This is how the game works. They play on issues that are deeply important, like abortion, human trafficking, corruption, or liberal agenda. They appeal to your true faith in Jesus, the values you carry, and a love for our country. Let me say it like this: once a player, always a player, and they will just keep on playing you. 

For those of you who know me, I will still be here and I won’t shame anyone or say, “Hey, I told you so.” I will help you as best as I can, especially for those who are in my local church. You have a precious gift of faith, loyalty, love for our country, and hatred for what is evil that’s being manipulated. I strongly believe that a spirit of deception has crept in and is trying to manipulate the church. 

I promise you, if what is being said (whether via prophecy or Q drop) is from the Lord, what I’m saying won’t keep that from happening. And I will admit that I was wrong. And if I’m the one being deceived, then please pray for me and love me out of it. Please just hear my heart. But other voices will have a whole lot more to lose than I will. The only thing I gain from this is to help dear saints, family, and friends from continuing being hurt and disillusioned. 

I deeply care about all the issues—abortion, censorship, liberal agenda, etc. Fear is what is energizing a lot of these words. The spirit behind the Q drops and some of the prophets is using your gift of faith and godly passion about these topics against you. I’m so proud that so many people are showing a steadfastness on these matters—it’s just turned the wrong way. I would love to help you refocus that faith into what Jesus is actually doing. 

Please forgive me if I’m wrong, but also please know I love you, and real friends challenge you, not to belittle you, but to help you. My faith has been manipulated in the past as well. Look at what this is doing to you emotionally and how you are thinking and acting to others. Does it pass the Jesus test and the fruit of the Spirit?

Please don’t hear me wrong. I’m not patronizing or questioning your faith, just the source. I say this in so much love. You should be commended for your love and faith too, but I promise you, we won’t find it in the leaven of the political or religious systems (Matthew 16:5-12), but rather it’s found in the parable Jesus told of the leaven of the kingdom (Matthew 13:33). 

I don’t have a problem calling out fake words or prophecies. Some prominent prophets have already been apologizing about incorrect prophecies regarding the election, and I commend them for that. This humility is in stark difference to the prophets I’m referencing above. Giving an incorrect word doesn’t mean that the person is a false prophet, but it is something that requires humility and examination. 

We need to really consider how real prophets can sometimes miss it. There are many prophets who haven’t partnered with the deception. You can tell them by the fruit of their ministry and their life, even if they were in error or misinterpreted something. 

For those of you who are holding on for a miracle for the Trump administration, you are holding on out of faith and out of love for our country. Again, I commend this. But I’m also deeply concerned that it is going to turn out so differently than what you expected. But the way of Jesus will carry us through this situation—with His gospel and His kingdom.

We are at war, but not with one another (Ephesians 6:12). And we are called to love our enemies. There is a better way to overcome evil. Look at Jesus. 

If you want to know more about what I think the future holds for us, see my previous post on “I See a Great Reset and a Great Awakening.”

With much love and prayers,


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