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As Serve the Nations continues to grow and equip more churches and teams across the nations, we are frequently invited to bring training and equipping groups to share the gospel with people who do not have the resources to finance our mission expenses. When you donate to STN, your contribution helps fund various missions throughout the US and nations around the world. Help us put Jesus on display with love and power as we equip people in the mission, message, and ministry of Jesus.

Any amount you give is partnership with us into the kingdom. Thank you for donating and partnering with us to serve the nations as we put Jesus on display with love and power! 

Follow the link above to Crestwood Vineyard Church giving. Select the fund “Serve the Nations” to donate.
Serve the Nations is the missions outreach of Crestwood Vineyard.

Serve the Nations' Mission

Serve the Nations, led by Brian Blount, serves the nations in the mission, message, and ministry of Jesus by helping to equip teams and local churches to live a lifestyle of empowered evangelism that puts Jesus on display with love and power.

Serve the Nations takes short-term missions teams into churches throughout the US and internationally. In each trip, Brian and the teams he has taken have seen the powerful demonstration of the gospel! Hundreds and hundreds of people have made decisions for Christ by the demonstration and proclamation of the gospel in signs and wonders, healings, and miracles.

The uniqueness of these trips lies in the hands-on equipping you will experience. Teams and local churches have witnessed through their own hands the blind seeing, the deaf hearing, the crippled walking, many people coming to Christ, and many other healings and powerful kingdom encounters as they took the risk to serve others in the mission, message, and ministry of Jesus.

These are life-changing trips! You will also experience the beautiful people and cultures of the nations we serve, enjoy great food, make lifelong friends, laugh, and have lots of fun while at the same time being equipped in empowered evangelism that will help you develop a lifestyle of putting Jesus on display with love and power. Come serve the nations with us! 

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