Online Chat Agent Gets Healed and Opens His Heart to Jesus this morning!!! Come on JESUS!!!

I was on online chat with a customer service agent as I was looking into a purchase, hoping to just get a phone number I could use to speak to someone in person. The person I was chatting with was Isak, and he gave me the phone number I needed. But before we ended the chat, I felt like I had a word of knowledge about upper back pain for Isak. I asked him if he had that condition, and this is the thread that followed: 

Isak: “Yes I have in fact. Why do you ask?”

Me: “Sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people. As we were chatting I got this impression.”

Isak: “Wow, amazing! Is there any other impression you’ve gotten about me?”

Me: “What is your pain level on a scale from 1 to 10?”

Isak: “What would you guess?”

Me: (I thought to myself, I’m not going to guess. I’ll ask the Holy Spirit. I felt I saw 7.) “7”

Isak: “I was going to say 6.8 so very close! Anything else you could say about me?”

Me: “I’m going to pray for you right now and your going feel a warmth and tingling and the pain is going to go down right now. Move your back around and see where the pain level is at now.”

Isak: “Bless you Brian! I felt a shock in my back and the pain decreased almost immediately. How long have you had this ability?”

Me: “I’m going to pray again right now and all the is pain going to leave now check it again. Move your back.”

Isak: “Wow I can feel it. Thank you so much Brian. Is there anything that I can do for you today?” 

Me: “So there’s absolutely no more pain? I’m going to tell you how I did that, but I want to be sure it’s completely gone first. How long have you had this issue?”

Isak: “I’ve had it for about 2-3 weeks or so. Please do explain how you achieved this”

Me: “I don’t know where you are on your faith journey. I’m a follower of Jesus. And Jesus loves you so much that he would speak to me about a condition in your body, and not only that but He showed you his power because He loves you and wants a relationship with you. I have a question to ask you. If Jesus was standing at the door and knocking, would you open the door of your heart to let him into your life and heart to be your lord and savior?”

Isak: “To be honest I’ve had my doubts but after today I feel as though I might actually open the door to my heart.” 

Me: “That’s amazing. It’s as easy as this, my friend. Just pray this with me. 
Jesus, thank you for making yourself known to me. If you could speak to me about my body and take away my pain, then I believe your not mad at me and you love me and want to take away all my sin and give me your life. I open the door to my life and say yes to you Jesus to be the lord and savior of my life. Fill me with your presence and make me new. 

It doesn’t have to be these exact words. Just talk to Jesus from your heart. Let him know you want him to be lord of your life.”

Isak: “I will speak to him tonight after work. I can assure you that Brian.”

Me: “Yes, there’s no pressure right now. Jesus has already said yes to you. All you have to do is say yes to him. The very thing I did with you is the same thing God wants to do through your life. This is what Christians do.”

Isak: “This is so appreciated Brian. I am from Sweden, my grandmother was the one who gave me the name Isak as it is biblical. And thank you for your help.”

Below are screenshots of the online chat.

Remember the kingdom of God is always at hand, even when talking business on a chat service. Our job is simply to listen for the Holy Spirit and then to put Jesus on display with love and power. Jesus has called us to live out our lives in such a way that we make Jesus known as a lifestyle. I just want to encourage you to take a risk, and put Jesus on display with love and power today.

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