McDonalds drive thru healing and salvation!

I was taking Tyler to get some breakfast before church. As I pulled up to the window, I asked the cashier if she had been suffering with a breathing problem and neck issue. She said, “Yes, I have asthma. I can feel the pressure on my chest. And I have this strange rash on my neck that won’t go away.”

I looked at her and said, “Let me see your hand.” As I took ahold of her hand, I just started praying, “Holy Spirit, would you come.” Then I told her she would feel a warm tingling presence. I spoke to the rash and the pressure in her chest, telling them to go. I asked the woman what she was experiencing. 

With a wide-eyed look she said, “I felt that warmth and tingling you said I would feel.” Then I asked her about her neck and chest. She said with amazement, “The itching is gone, and I can breathe freely.”

I told her this is the love of Jesus for her. I asked her if she would like to open her heart to Jesus. “Yes!” she exclaimed. 

Right there at the drive thru window she gets healed and gives her life to Jesus, even with cars backing up behind me. Come on Jesus!!! 

One last thing. To be super honest, I didn’t feel like putting Jesus on display this morning. But when I came up to the window, all of the sudden I had 4 slight impressions. I knew I needed to respond. I sensed the the Holy Spirit telling me, “You may not feel like putting Jesus on display, but I do.” I received 4 impressions, and 2 of them were wrong. But I didn’t let that shake me. I still pressed in to pray for the other two conditions. 

That’s how it started – not feeling like putting Jesus on display, wrapped up in my own stuff. This is what the enemy loves to do. It keeps you from seeing others. I still miss it and have days I just want to sulk and pass by someone. I have found over the years that kingdom encounters are often like this – easy to push aside, wrapped up in our own stuff. It’s the enemy’s tactic to keep us from putting Jesus on display with love and power.

I want to encourage you pay attention to what’s going on in you and around you. Most kingdom encounters come at the wrong time. Take that step of faith. Stop looking at your issues and notice the one around you. You never know – someone might get healed and open their heart to Jesus because you took that step.

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