Manager Of Bob’s Burger Gets Healed And Gives Her Life To Jesus!!!

We had to rush for lunch, and the mall was packed. The only place we didn’t see a line was at a fast food restaurant in the mall called Bob’s Hamburger. There was a restaurant next to us that was a buffet that looked much better, and our Brazilian friends where trying to get us to do the buffet because they new Bobs wasn’t the best choice. But we also needed to grab something quick and I felt like we should go to Bob’s. I now know why I was feeling a draw to go to Bob’s, and I can also now tell you why our Brazilian friends didn’t want to go. 

As we were ordering, the manager Pamela was the one taking our order, and I felt two conditions going on in her body. So I asked my friend, “Can you ask her if she has these conditions and what her pain level is?” Pamala was a bit freaked out, but she let us pray for her. She felt no change—the pain was still the same. So I told my friend ask her if we can pray one more time. She hesitantly said ok. This time when we prayed all the pain left. Pamela was shocked. 

Then I asked her this question. “Pamela, if Jesus was knocking at the door of your heart, would you answer that knock and invite him in or would you ignore his knock?” 

Pamela said, “I would open that door.”

I turned to my Brazilian friend. “OK, you lead her to the Lord.”

Pamela, the manager of Bob’s gets healed and gives her heart to Jesus. Then Pamela asked me my name. I told her it was Brian. She smiled really big and said, “Brian is such a beautiful name.” She said, “That was the name of my little boy who died.” She said the doctors told her she would never get pregnant, then she did and named her son Brian, which is a very unusual name in Brazil. What are the odd’s of that?! 

This was a divine appointment for Pamela. God sent us to Bob’s burger for Pamala, and God used a Brian to help bring healing, not only in her body but to a very deep pain and loss.

I then asked if Pamela if she was still wanting children? She said she did. So we prayed for Jesus to heal her womb. I wouldn’t be surprised if Pamela and her husband have a baby in the next year. 

Come on Jesus!

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