Healing through online chat messaging with Cox Internet agent

We’ve been having issues with our Cox internet speed and I couldn’t remember my username or password.

So I was chatting with Alice via online customer service messaging. She helped me with what I needed. Before I was going to say thank you, I felt 4 physical impressions going on in her body. So I typed back, “Thanks for your help. I have an odd question to ask you. Are you having pain in the following 4 places in your body. Pain in your neck that goes into your shoulder, headache, and having mid to lower back pain? If so what’s the pain level on a scale from 0 to 10?”

Alice messages me back saying…

“Well, I have to say yes to your question.” She told me her overall pain was a 6. 

So I messaged her back:

“OK that’s helpful. I’m going to text pray for you … I command all the pain to go right now out of your neck, shoulders, back, and head. You are going to start feeling a warm-like sensation and tingling come over your body right now. Move your body around. Now tell me where the pain level is now.”

She texted back, “Thank you so much! I really thank you from my heart for praying for me and helping me with my pain. It is only on my shoulders now.”

“OK, all pain go in the shoulders. Now try it again. Move around and tell me what you feel.”

“Okay, please allow me one minute,” she texted. She came back and said, “I think it is better now. Wow. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it. Thank you so much for taking the time to listen to me and help me. I don’t know how is this working but thank you so much, really! :)”

The conversation ended soon after because of her necessity to stay on task with her job. But at the end, I thanked her for her time and help. I let her know that what she experienced was Jesus healing her because he loves her, and I wished her a merry Christmas. 

To be honest, those impressions caught me off guard because I was frustrated with my slow internet and it had been a hard day. I wrestled with doubting the impressions, and I wanted to just thank her and end the chat. 

But the only way I would know it was the Lord was simply to ask. So I pushed through what I felt, and Alice’s pain went away and she experienced the presence and love of Jesus.

God is always at work. 

Our job is just to listen and respond to his voice and put Jesus on display with love and power. The kingdom of God is at hand even when you are messaging customer service! Come on Jesus!!!

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