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Apple Care Representative Healed over the phone!

Today, I was calling to find out about the new iPhone 11 that is coming out and if I was eligible for a trade in / upgrade. Danisha was the Apple Care agent helping me. At the end of the call I said, “Danisha, can I ask you a question? It’s unrelated to my call.

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Two waitresses get healed and give their lives to Jesus!

Jeanine and I are having a beautiful anniversary dinner on the beach. We had incredible steaks, lobster, fish, desserts, and wine. I ended up praying for our waitress, and she was healed from pain in her wrist from a surgery that didn’t go right. I got a word of knowledge for another server as she

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Healing at Panda Express drive-thru!!

Picking up a late lunch for the family at Panda Express. I prayed for the drive-thru lady. All the pain leaves out of her heels and her lower back. She was smiling and teary-eyed. She kept holding onto my hand saying thank you. Come on Jesus! Our job is to put Jesus on display as

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3 Crazy Phone Call Encounters!

3 crazy phone call encounters! One person gave their life to Jesus, and the other two experienced healing and encountered the presence of the Holy Spirit over the phone! Today, I was checking in on some of my credit card accounts. Three customer care agents I spoke to all encountered the presence of the Holy

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