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Healing Testimonies & Power Evangelism Encounters

McDonalds drive thru healing and salvation!

I was taking Tyler to get some breakfast before church. As I pulled up to the window, I asked the cashier if she had been suffering with a breathing problem and neck issue. She said, “Yes, I have asthma. I can feel the pressure on my chest. And I have this strange rash on my

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Healing through online chat messaging with Cox Internet agent

We’ve been having issues with our Cox internet speed and I couldn’t remember my username or password. So I was chatting with Alice via online customer service messaging. She helped me with what I needed. Before I was going to say thank you, I felt 4 physical impressions going on in her body. So I

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3 Crazy Phone Call Encounters!

3 crazy phone call encounters! One person gave their life to Jesus, and the other two experienced healing and encountered the presence of the Holy Spirit over the phone! Today, I was checking in on some of my credit card accounts. Three customer care agents I spoke to all encountered the presence of the Holy

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The Lord hasn’t passed you by. He is going to heal you.

10 years unable to walk without the aid of a walker or handicap scooter. During one off the ministry times at the More Love More Power conference, I happened to notice a lady sitting on her mobile walker. I could see the Lord’s presence resting over her, and I felt like I was to go

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Crippling MS healed and Deaf ear opens

This is a crazy encounter and a crazy story! Check out the video testimony as well! Jeanine and I were at the Urban T-house today, and I got up to go to the restroom. As I walked past a table, a woman seated in a motorized cart reached up and grabbed me. “I remember you!”

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A Search for Legos Leads to a Kingdom Encounter

A Search for Legos Leads to a Kingdom Encounter The boys have been on the hunt for the new Lego figures from the Lego Movie. We even went to the Lego store today, and they didn’t have them in, and neither did Target. So I told the boys we’d stop by one more store after

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