American Express customer care agent gets healed And opens her heart to jesus

American Express customer care agent gets healed and gives her life to Jesus over the phone, even though I bombed it on two words of knowledge.

This testimony came up in my FB memories today from 3 years ago. One thing I love about FB memories is it reminds me of all these God encounters.

Even though I write and even tell about these testimonies, I still often forget them.

So when I see them pop up I’m FB memories, it stirs my heart for more, to keep putting Jesus on display with love and power no matter what or where.

I pray this testimony stirs your heart to keep pressing in to be a witness of Jesus in everyday places.

Also what I love about this testimony is that it talks through what happens when you miss it on a word of knowledge not once but twice. How do you navigate through those moments?

I also hope this is something that will help encourage you in those moments even when you missed it.

I was checking on my rewards for Delta skymiles through my American Express card. The customer care agent, Sheera, was doing a great job helping me. As we were talking, I felt like i had a word of knowledge about a couple of conditions in her body, which I completely missed.

So I asked Sheera if she had any physical conditions, and she replied, “Yes, I have a problem with my neck.” She said the pain was a 9 on a 1-10 scale.

I said, “Sheera, if you will let me pray for you, I believe your neck will be healed.” Sheera said it would be fine to pray. I prayed a simple, short prayer telling all the pain to go in her neck.

I told her she would feel like a warmth come over her, and then I told her to move her neck. She previously couldn’t move her neck side to side; it was restricted and painful to do so.

Sheera said she felt some warmth and was able to move it a little better, but she was still in pain. “It’s OK,” she said. “I have a physical therapist. It will get better.”

I said, “Why not let me try praying just one more time?” As I started to pray, she says, “It’s all gone, Mr. Blount.” At first, I honestly thought she was just saying that to end the call, so I started to say, “Well Sheera, thank you for your help and for letting me pray for you.” But Sheera interrupted me excitedly, “It’s gone! I mean it’s really gone!”

Sheera was really taken back by what just happened. She said she moved her neck again and felt a warm presence come over her, and the pain left! She couldn’t believe what just happened.

I said, “Sheera, that was the love of Jesus. He just healed you. I’m a Christian, so what you are experiencing is Jesus.” Then I said, “Sheera, can I ask you another question?”

“Sure,” she replied.

“Sheera, if Jesus was standing at the door of your heart and was knocking, would you ignore the knock, or would you open up the door and invite him into your heart?”

Sheera asked me to repeat the question and said, “What was the first option?” I thought for sure she was about to say she wouldn’t answer the door, but after asking the question again she said, “Oh! I would open the door of my heart right now!”

I said, “Sheera, would you like me to pray for you to invite Jesus into your heart and become a Christian?” She said yes with a joyous tone in her voice. We prayed, and Sheera invited Jesus into her heart, asking for Jesus to come into her heart, make her new, forgive her of all her sins, and for Jesus to be the Lord and Savior of her life!

Then afterwards, it was so powerful! Sheera said with excitement, “So I’m a Christian now!?”

“Yes, Sheera! You are a Christian now!” Sheera was so excited. I said, “OK Sheera, I’m going to pray for the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to come.” As I did, she felt the Holy Spirit like warmth all over.

Sheera said, “I can’t wait to tell my coworkers what happened to me.”

“After you share what happened, ask if any of them need healing in their bodies. If so, you can just pray with them like I prayed with you.”

“OK, I’m going to do that! My co-worker next to me has a bad headache. As soon as she is off the phone, I’m going to pray for her.”

“That’s awesome, Sheera! Hold out your hands in front of you, and I’m going to pray and impart the gift of healing to you.”

“I can feel like energy and warmth coming into my hands,” she exclaimed. “It feels weighty.” She was so grateful for me praying for her and kept thanking me. She was so ready to pray for her friend. She asked her co-worker next to her if she could pray for her!

I then asked Sheera if we could stay in touch via Facebook, so she gave me her name. While we were on the phone, I pulled up her facebook page and told her i just sent her a friend request. Come on Jesus! And welcome to the family, Sheera!

Remember the Holy Spirit lives in you, and we as believers have been commissioned and empowered to put Jesus on display with love and power, even in the mundane, everyday life stuff like talking to a customer care agent about your credit card rewards.

I want to encourage you, even when you miss it on a word of knowledge or trying to hear God’s voice for somebody.

Don’t get give up because you never know what that step of risk opened up. You may just see someone give their heart to Jesus.!!

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