Amazon Customer Care Lady Gets healed and comes to Jesus!

My new luggage was destroyed that I bought on Amazon. So I called Amazon early this morning— like 3am—from Brazil to find out how to take care of the return so I can get my money back. As I was in the phone I had this thought: I wonder if this is going to be a divine setup. Well sure enough, Nicole the Amazon customer care agent not only gets healed and experiences the presence of the Holy Spirit, but ends up giving her life to Jesus over the phone!

We had had some powerful meetings right outside of São Paulo, and we had flown out late last night to Belem, Brazil. My new carry on luggage I had bought from Amazon wouldn’t fit since it was a smaller plane, so we checked my badge. As I was in baggage claim, it took me a while to see my bag, and when I did, the zippers had popped off, no where to be found. Thankfully nothing had come out, but the carry-on was completely ruined. Thankfully I had packed a small fold up duffel bag just in case something happened.

I was wondering how I was going to get a refund on my brand new bag. It would be a crazy hassle to bring the bag back or even to ship it to Amazon returns from Brazil. So I thought I would call Amazon customer care to see if I could find a solution. Thankfully I had a sweet lady named Nicole help me figure out what I needed to do. She talked to a manger and they said to take pictures and a video and they will refund my money. It was an expensive carry-on bag, so I was glad to be able to get my money back. I had the strange thought as I was calling Amazon, is this a setup for a Kingdom Encounter? 

Well sure enough, Nicole kept apologizing because she was coughing and clearing her throat. She said she had a cold, so I thought I would see if she will let me pray for her. As I was thinking that, I had 3 impressions about issues she was having in her body besides her cold. I said, “Nicole, do you happen to have these conditions? Have you been having migraine headaches, a problem in your neck into your shoulder, and your lower back?” 

Nicole freaks out and says, “How did you know? You’re weirding me out here. You’re giving me goosebumps!” I asked her what her pain level was on a scale from 1 to 10 and she said it was a 5 right now, but if she moves a certain way, it’s a 7.

I told Nicole, “Sometimes I get pictures and impressions for people. I’m going to pray for you, and all this pain is going to leave and the cold in your chest is going to go.” Then I just started praying, speaking to the pain and the pressure in her chest to leave. I told her, “You’re going to feel the presence of God come through your body right now.” 

She started freaking out. “Oh my gosh! I can feel that! What is going on?” 

I asked Nicole what the pain level is at now. She said, “It’s literally almost gone, just a little bit more.” So I prayed again. She felt a warmth come into her body and all the pain completely left, and she was dumbfounded. “Oh my gosh, my throat was killing, me and it’s gone. The pain is completely gone. The pressure in my chest has left.” She was not coughing any longer. All the pain left her neck and her back, and she was like what is happening to me! 

I said, “Nicole, let me ask you a question. If Jesus was knocking at the door of your heart, would you open it or ignore it?” 

“Oh, I would open the door!”

I said, “I think he’s knocking at the door of your heart right now, wouldn’t you agree?” 


“Would you like to give your heart to Jesus?”

Nicole said, “I want to give my heart to Jesus.” 

I prayed for her over the phone as she gives her heart the Lord. “I pray for you to get to feel God‘s presence come all over you.” She said she felt this warmth and presence come all through her body. 

“What in the world is this?!” she asked. 

“This is the love of Jesus. God has come near you! You know, I think my bag breaking was a divine set up. I would give 1 million bags if it meant that you encounter Jesus!”

She said, “I hate to say this, but I’m glad your bag broke. You don’t know how much I needed this too. This last year’s been so hard for me.”

I said, “Nicole, Jesus knew that. He loves you, and he’ll have my bag be broken so that your body can be healed and your heart will open to Jesus.

Nicole was doing her best to hold back tears and just kept exclaiming, “Oh my gosh! I can’t believe this! This is so unreal. I have goosebumps all over my body, and I could feel that heat all over me.”

God is always at work even if your luggage gets destroyed. You never know where the Kingdom will break in. Our job is to simply, look, listen and respond to what the Holy Spirit is doing and put Jesus on display with love and power. Because my luggage got broken Nicole broken body and spirit got healed. Come on Jesus!!!

December 29, 2017

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